Why Source4Less?

A platform bringing together the greatest number of BUYERS & SELLERS from selected industries in the Americas.

With Headquarters in Brazil, Source4Less is a premiere platform specialized in linking importers directly to the soure.

Our services are designed to offer an edge to companies entering and growing business with South America, including identifying new market opportunities and business partners while simplifying complex business decisions. Conjugating experience with market insight, the platform is designed to provide precise market and up-to-date producers and exporters information in each category.

A platform dedicated to BUYERS & SELLERS doing business with South America

The platform brings a broader list of producers & exporters of different products, allowing direct contact and negotiation. The platform also makes it possible to explore new products, offers, and updates in an interactive manner, simplifying the industry sourcing under one digital roof:  no need to visiting fairs, clients, or investing time in endless online speculation.

Enjoy the deals, and help us keep the content current & valid.

The platform delivers current offers while showcasing products of international suppliers. We offer the possibility of verifying offers and inventory with the suppliers with commercial due diligence before engaging in commercial undertakings.

Please let us know if there is any way that we can serve you better.

The platform is dedicated to best business practices.

Beware, we do not tolerate SPAMsters, agents or commercial misrepresentation. Source4Less is dedicated to enhancing the commercial interaction between suppliers, traders and importers to improve legitimate commercial conduct.

We take this very seriously and take the right to revoke memberships and denounce activities that do not comply with the best business code of conduct.

We are committed to transparency and fair business practices. We are committed to #source4less.

Copying, duplication or replication of the content from the platform is strictly forbiden.

All content, images & databases have been developed by Brazartis Assessoria em Comércio Exterior Ltda. for the Source4less platform, with exclusive copyrights, as assured by Article 29 of Law 9.610 of 1998.

Under the terms of Article 184 of the Brazilian Criminal Code, the violation of the author’s rights is characterized as a crime, subject to the legal penalties.

Source4Less is destined to facilitate commercial interaction between parties.

We strive to provide importers and exporters with insight & up to date content to streamline international trade. We do not take responsibility for financial or commercial dealings between the parties, on or off the platform.

What are the benefits of using the platform?





For Importers

Reconsider your sourcing experience.

For Exporters

Reconsider your sales strategy.

For Importers

Reconsider your sourcing experience.

For Exporters

Reconsider your sales strategy.

We are committed
to #source4less